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custom designs

3d走势图彩宝网连线mechanical modifications

MOONS're able to provide a variety of shaft options,connectors and lead wires at a cost effective price with minimal lead times. A Variety of Shaft Options
  • Dowel
  • Worm Shaft
  • Cross Drilled Shaft
  • Single Flat
  • Double Flat
  • Keyway
  • Knurl
  • Hobbed Gear
  • Helical Cut
Lead Wires & Cables

3d走势图彩宝网连线electrical modifications

According to the actual application of the motor high and low torque of the different needs, MOONS' can provide customized motor winding design, better to meet customer use. Custom Windings

3d走势图彩宝网连线accessories options

MOONS' can provide stepper motor accessories such as pulleys and couplings for installation, encoders, gearboxes, electromechanical integration, dampers and so on. Encoders Press Fit Pulley & Gear
  • Metal Pulley
  • Plastic Pulley
  • Gear

3d走势图彩宝网连线environmental options

MOONS're able to provide antirust coating both inside and outside with Protection level IP65,Which is suitable for any outdoor applications such as dusty environment, high humidity environment and temperature alternating environment,and so on.
  • Corrosion resistant motors
  • IP Ratings
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